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We help you identify and achieve your Financial goals

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Financial Advice

Simple, Adaptable and Proven strategies to identify and achieve your financial goals.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and together we can decide if enough common ground exists between us to arrange a follow up call. If you decide to work with us then we will ask you to complete a financial fact-find to gather information about your current circumstances and to identify your financial goals, budget and timeline.
Needs Analysis & Product Research
We will then research the markets to find the financial products that best match your needs. We will negotiate terms with the product providers to ensure that any product recommended is suitable to your needs and within your resources.
Recommendations & Implementation
You will receive a personalised report to consider our recommendations. Then it's up to you to decide whether or not to implement these recommendations.

Our sevices

Someone is sitting the shade today because someone planted a seed a long time ago
- Warren Buffett

Pension Reviews

Your pension is one of your most valuable financial assets. Maximise it with a financial review

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We offer access to a wide range of investment opportunities and alternatives to deposits

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Life Insurance

Make sure you protect your family's lifestyle with enough of the right cover at the right price

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Executive Pensions
Business Protection

Helps business owners buy out the shares of a partner or director who has died or becomes terminally ill

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Personal Pensions
Corporate Solutions

Corporate Investments, Executive and Group pensions, Group Life and Income Protection

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Financial Reviews

Arrange a Financial Review to discuss any area of financial planning. Remote or in-person meetings

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Work From Home

Simplify your life with remote financial planning. 

Pick a time and date to suit you. Securely share documents, sign paperwork, and conduct video conference calls all from the comfort of your home or workplace.  


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The importance of Financial advice

I have been a financial advisor since 1991 and over the last 30-years or so I have seen firsthand the difference financial products make in people's lives. I have helped families deal with the financial consequences of death, illness, and old age.

Having financial protection policies in place to deal with death, illness and loss of income may seem like a no-brainer but most Irish families remain underinsured and a substantial minority have no cover at all in place. Pension coverage in Ireland remains one of the lowest in the EU and more than €140 billion remaining on deposit suggests that as a nation we are risk-averse investors and as a result risk losing out on real investment growth. 

A financial plan doesn't need to be complicated or lengthy. Like many things in life the simpler the better. I work with my clients to put robust personal and business plans in place. I like to keep things simple but effective. 

These plans need to be adaptable as clients' personal and occupational circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Above all these plans must make sense and represent good value for money. 

If you haven't got plans in place then maybe it's time to get serious about your financial future. If you have plans but aren't sure what they are then it's definitely time to take another look at them.
It makes sense to make plans and it makes even more sense to take advice. The first step in any financial planning process is a conversation. Take the first step and start that conversation today!
Financial Planning and Advice

Clear Concise Financial Advice

Working with a professional Financial Broker will help you define your objectives for investing. It will create a well-thought-out investment strategy, identifying the right mix of investments for you. As part of the financial planning process, we will identify your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. This ensures that you take the right level of risk and are best placed to achieve the returns you need to achieve your financial goals. If you have money to invest and you want to outperform deposit rates or if your current investments are underperforming then get in touch. Call me directly on 087 250 6365 or request a callback. 

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Financial Planning
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