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Financial planning is not complicated but it can be tricky. Whether you have never worked with a Financial Advisor before or you are well versed in financial planning it nearly always makes sense to get professional advice.

Throughout the last 30 years or more (31 actually) we have worked with individuals, families, business owners, company directors, sole traders, retirees and employees to help them put robust financial plans in place to help achieve their financial goals. Our financial planning process is relatively straightforward and is based around our clients needs and resources.

Step one in our financial planning process is a normally a phone call, text or email. We get most of our business from referrals and these initial communications start a two-way dialogue to find out if the services we provide are what you need. Once we have established that enough common ground exists between to justify a follow up meeting we will ask you to complete a Financial Fact-find and when applicable a Risk Investment Questionnaire. We will ask you to outline your goals, budget and timeline before researching the market on your behalf to match financial products to your needs. Finally, we will provide you with a personalised financial report setting out some recommendations for you to consider. then it's over to you.

You may choose to implement all, some or none of the recommendations made. If you ask us to implement new business we will submit all the required documentation to the product providers and review your plans on a regular basis.

You may choose to work with us on a commission or fee basis and we will agree on these terms in advance of our first meeting during the initial Discovery Call.


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In all the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to neglect important things like your financial health. 
Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a top-level executive at a pharmaceutical company, one thing you cannot afford to forget is your own wealth creation plan. 

As a Financial Advisor for over 30-years, I have dealt with individuals across many disciplines, including highly accomplished professionals from many different industries in Cork.  

These are bright, well-educated individuals who often have one thing in common; the lack of time. 

Everyone wants to sort out their personal finances but no one has the time to take a step back and putting in place plans to build an investment portfolio, finally getting to grips with their pension plans or reviewing their financial protection provisions. 

 Perhaps you need a financial advisor who will help you identify your goals and build a plan to achieve those goals.  

It's crucial to think about your future and plan your finances in a manner that allows you to build substantial wealth. After all, your money should work at least as hard as you do, if not more. 

 No matter what your financial goals are; whether it’s buying a new house or saving up for your children’s education everything requires prior planning. 

family sitting on couch watching tv
Every parent wants the best for their kids. If you want to make their dreams a reality it’s time for a financial plan. 

How do you fund your children’s education? How would your family manage if you were no longer around? How do you teach your children the value of money? Can your finances cope with a growing family and help support ageing parents? Do you worry about becoming a burden on your family in later life? 

When you become a parent, it changes everything. Your priority is to ensure your children’s future wellbeing and success and, if you have parents that also need your support, it’s easy to feel caught in the middle, at a time when your outgoings and the demands on your time are at their highest. 

How would your family cope financially if you were no longer around? What happens if you could no longer work? Will you become a burden on your children if you go into long-term care? It’s difficult to contemplate no longer being able to support your family, but nobody has a crystal ball as to what the future will hold, which is why it’s important to talk to a Financial Broker and put provisions in place to support your family financially – whatever life may throw at you.

Financial Planning can help equip you for the challenges ahead, bringing you both clarity and peace of mind. We will take the time to understand your goals and priorities and then build a plan that will help ensure your family’s future is more secure, whatever surprises life throws at you.

Corporate Clients

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Company Directors
We provide the expert help you need to take a deep dive into your investments, pensions and financial protection to understand your personal situation and your objectives, so that we can identify the best solutions for you. 

We will help you to put robust plans  that will meet your long term goals, protect your business and transfer company profits into personal wealth by tax efficient pension and inheritance planning.
A partnership is two or more people acting jointly in a trade or profession with a view to making a profit. 
Without proper planning the death or serious illness of a partner may have a devastating effect on your business and on you personally.

We will work with you to protect your income and business, build a meaningful pension pot and maximise your savings and investment portfolios.

Sole Traders
Sole traders whether working in a profession or a trade need to provide for themselves. 

This means you need to protect you income against death, accident and illness, build up a retirement fund big enough to replace earned income lost after retirement and safeguard the financial wellbeing of your family. 
That's a lot to try and achieve on your own, so it makes sense to get financial advice.
We will provide you with free personalised advice and solutions in terms of Retirement Planning, Income Protection and advice on Pensions ,Savings and Investments.
electrician working at fuse box
Do you need to find out more about your pension? Are you considering a termination package or early retirement? Perhaps you're thinking of starting your own busisness.
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Retirement planning can be complicated and scary as one bad decision may have devastating long-term financial consequences. Before you retire it makes sense to get professional financial advice.
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