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John Forsythe QFA FLIA RPA

Forsythe Financial Planning is a Financial Broker based in Carrigaline Co Cork and working with clients throughout the city and county.

The brainchild of John Forsythe QFA FLIA RPA our firm offers advice on pensions, investments and financial protection. 

We operate on a' Fair Market Analysis' basis and offer clients research backed financial solutions. With over 30 years experience as a financial advisor we work closely with clients to identify and achieve their short,medium and long-term financial goals. Our systems are fully digitised and we combine state of the art fintech solutions with experience to deliver personalised recommendations. 



Personal Service

why choose us

Work with a Qualified Financial Advisor to put robust financial plans in place to achieve your financial goals.

No Hidden Fees

Choose to work with us on a fee or commission basis. We will agree in advance on the business model that suits you best.

Free Initial Consultations

Arrange a callback to discuss your requirements and if you feel we can add value to your financial plans then arrange a free consultation.

Price Matching

We will price match your life insurance, income protection and mortgage protection policies to ensure you get the best policies at lowest price.

Broker Discounts

Broker discounts of up to 25% may be available on protection policies. We pass these savings on to our clients.

Free Cover

One month's free cover available on life cover and mortgage protection or premium rebates are available subject to certain terms and conditions.

100% Allocations

We will allocate a minimum of 100% of your investments with no hidden charges or up-front fees.

financial Advice & Guidance

We work with individuals and families throughout Cork. Many of our clients live and work in Cork Harbour and we are always available to take your call, arrange a remote meeting or in person. 

We offer professional research backed financial solutions. 

  • Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)
  • Fellow of the Life Insurance Association (FLIA)
  • Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA)
  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
  • Member of Irish Insurance Institute
retirement planning

Offering a more competitive market

The Competition Authority found that demand for insurance was more price sensitive in the broker market than through direct channels. With 1,200 Financial Brokers in Ireland, the six domestic life companies are much more competitive with regard to price, product design, investment performance and service than they would be if they dealt with advisers who are tied only to them.

Solid financial plans and strategy

Some of the typical financial goals I help with are: protecting the living standard of your family in the event of your death; protecting your living standard against illness or accidents, which may prevent you from working; saving for your children’s education; saving for your retirement; investing lumps sums appropriately to get the best return; and devising a plan to achieve financial independence. I will conduct a “factfind” to get to know you and your requirements and develop a strategy that meets your goals. I will set out some recommended actions for you to consider. then it's over to you to decide whether or not you want to apply all, some or none of the recommendations. I will review your financial plans on a regular basis to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Assisting with key financial goals

Financial Brokers are experts on financial planning matters and work on your behalf giving you a choice of products and providers from across the market.

The value of financial advice

Drop us a line or give us a call to discuss any area of financial planning.
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