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John Forsythe QFA FLIA RPA

  • Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)
  • Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA)
  • Fellow of the Life Insurance Association (FLIA)
  • Financial Advisor since 1991
  • Professional Financial Broker - member of Brokers Ireland
  • Member of the Financial Broker network
  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

I have worked as a Financial Advisor since 1991. Throughout the last 30-years or more I have been lucky enough to work with some fascinating characters. I have learned many valuable life lessons along the way including the value of seeking out good advice.

I have helped clients deal with the financial impact of death, illness, accidents, and old age. I have restructured underperforming pensions and investments, unlocked cash, and advised companies about the best way to safeguard their business if a key member of staff, a partner, or company director dies or gets seriously ill.

I have helped young couples secure their first home, protect their family's lifestyle against death, illness and accidents and save funds to educate their children. I have helped clients pass on hard-earned assets with plans designed to mitigate the effects of Inheritance Tax.

If you would like to take a long hard look at your financial plans, find out more about your pension, review your financial protection policies or explore investment options then feel free to get in touch. Financial Planning isn't rocket science but it can get tricky so it makes sense to get advice. 

For more information or simply to ask me a question call me directly on 087 2506365 or get in touch through this website.

Financial Planning and Advice

Clear Concise Financial Advice

Working with a professional Financial Broker will help you define your objectives for investing. It will create a well-thought-out investment strategy, identifying the right mix of investments for you. As part of the financial planning process, we will identify your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. This ensures that you take the right level of risk and are best placed to achieve the returns you need to achieve your financial goals. If you have money to invest and you want to outperform deposit rates or if your current investments are underperforming then get in touch. Call me directly on 087 250 6365 or request a callback. 

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Someone is sitting the shade today because someone planted a seed a long time ago
- Warren Buffett

Pension Reviews

Your pension is one of your most valuable financial assets. Maximise it with a financial review

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We offer access to a wide range of investment opportunities and alternatives to deposits

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Financial Protection

Make sure you protect your family's lifestyle with enough of the right cover at the right price

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Executive Pensions
Business Protection

Helps business owners buy out the shares of a partner or director who has died or becomes terminally ill

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Personal Pensions
Corporate Solutions

Corporate Investments, Executive and Group pensions, Group Life and Income Protection

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Financial Reviews

Arrange a Financial Review to discuss any area of financial planning. Remote or in-person meetings

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Fully Digitised Financial Planning

Our fully digitised financial planning processes mean you can conduct you can review your finances from the safety and comfort of your home or office

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